You are not alone - other parents had this to say after working with twin sleep expert Sally and getting sleep back in their lives.

"I'm not quite sure where to start with this testimonial as it is very difficult to put into words the overwhelming difference Sally has made to our lives.

I am a mum to 18month old twin boys and we have had a challenging time with sleep and more recently continued illness since the boys started nursery in August 2020. 


The boys would wake all through the night, with some nights of hours on end crying which would eventually lead to co-sleeping just to secure a little sleep for everyone. By December we had reached our limit and knew that we needed some support. After hours of research, I Kept coming back to Sally's website and decided to book a 15minute discovery call.


I would say within the first minute of the call, I knew Sally was the person that was going to help! Sally's calm, understanding and caring approach on the phone was just something that I warmed to instantly and I remember a feeling of certain confidence that Sally could support and influence change in our lives.


Following our consultation, we agreed a sleep strategy that suited our boys and whilst the first couple of nights were tough, by night 4 the boys were sleeping through the night!!!


We are now two months on and the boys have gone from going to sleep anywhere between 8-10pm, with their daily nap lasting anywhere from 45minutes to 1hour 30mintues to sleeping EVERY night from 7pm-7.30am and a 2hour nap EVERY day!!!!!


To say Sally has changed our lives is a complete understatement, Sally has given us back an evening where my husband and I can spend time together, we are more rested, our daily routine is so much nicer and more importantly, where the boys are getting the required sleep each night, they are so much happier and we haven't had a serious bout of illness since just before we applied the sleep programme!


If anyone is reading this and wondering if getting some sleep support with Sally is worth it, the answer is YES! Sally's support both before and during the programme gives you such confidence that you can achieve a change that it almost felt easy to carry out.


I cant' thank Sally enough for the transformation in our lives, I only wish we had made the contact earlier! Sally - you are literally amazing! xxx"  

- Rebecca, Mummy to Twin Boys, Sid and Fred -

"We have a 6 year old and 3 year old triplets. Neither has slept through the night. It reached breaking point, when all 4 ended up in our bed and I moved to the spare room nightly. Christmas was terrible with an average of 3 hours sleep. 


My wife found Sally, after an initial 15 minute chat, we decided to give Sally our challenge. I was not sure what she could do differently to what we were already trying. 


Sally came up with a plan, which got my wife and I on the same page and we saw immediate results, unbelievable, but the children have not been into our room for 4 weeks starting from the first night.


I couldn't recommend Sally enough."

 - Darren Fudge, Dad to 4 boys, Wales -

"Hi Sally,  I am absolutely made up with the girls progress, they have done so very well and I’m so proud of them! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without your guidance and support so thankyou very much for everything! Having time in the evenings has been amazing and a full nights sleep is just the best!


Thanks so very much again, we are all very grateful!"  

- Mummy and Daddy to 7 month old Little Girl Twins -

"Good Morning Sally, Oh my GOODNESS.............. Another amazing night's sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like you have completely changed our lives!!!!!!

I understand there may be bad nights ahead, but to have the confidence of how to deal with it and not dread the evenings anymore is just overwhelmingly amazing!  THANK YOU!!!!!!! 

- Mummy to Identical Twin Boys, 18 Months, Essex -

"Dear Sally - I just wanted to tell you how well Will is doing - he now not only goes to sleep at night without a whimper, but this evening he grinned and curled up on his sleeping bag when I got it out - amazing. His daytime naps are also running like clockwork, too, and he's had a massive growth spurt, which we think is directly attributed to how much sleep he's getting! We honestly cannot thank you enough."

- Mummy and Daddy to Baby William, 9 months, Dorset  -

"Sally's programme for our son worked an absolute treat! She was supportive and knowledgable throughout the process. We only wish we'd done it sooner.


- Ashley Bibby, Daddy to Reggie, 17 Months, London -

"A friend recommended Sally to me whilst our second child was struggling with early waking. After a few phone calls and written advice Sally helped tweak our babies routine and solve the early wakes!"


- Darren Mayne, Daddy to Baby Girl, 14 months, Dorset  -

"We were extremely hesitant about sleep training as we'd tried it ourselves previously following a method we read about in a book, with disastrous results. Sally reassured us from the word go on the initial phone call, and talked us through the process in painstaking detail so James and I felt completely confident when we started.


The results were pretty much immediate for us - only one broken night and by the end of the week we were leaving him to put himself to sleep which he was doing in 20 mins. We went from having 2 hours sleep max in a row, to having our evenings uninterrupted, and a solid, unbroken night's sleep. It's been a game changer. Our son now actively looks forward to bedtime! We cannot thank Sally enough.”

- Marinel and James, Mummy and Daddy to Baby Boy, 9 Months, Poole -

"Just a little note to say thank you for all your help with Oscar sleeping.  His naps are much better during the day - even if he wakes up after 45 mins he usually goes back to sleep. 


Nights are good too. He takes himself off to sleep in 10-15 minutes, and usually sleeps all night until 6.30am.


I have been amazed with his progression - Thanks again Sally, you have made things so much easier!"

- Laura, Mummy to Baby Oscar 15 months, Dorset  -

"Thanks for all your amazing advice Sally.  Life changing and much appreciated.  Maya is transformed as are we!"

- Anish Patel, Dad of Maya, 2 yrs old, London -

"We sought Sally’s help with our 6 month old daughter who was very unsettled at night. Her difficulty settling and frequent wakes meant the rest of the family would be getting only 2 or 3 hours sleep which was unsustainable. 

During our first consultation Sally listened carefully to our problems and asked lots of questions to build a holistic picture of the way we function as a family. Sally came back to us with a detailed plan. Via phone and email she supported us in implementing the plan. To begin with this was a challenge and without Sally’s support early on it would have been easy to give in!


We stuck to the letter of the plan and within a week saw big changes. Our little girl began learning to self settle and slept through the night. Naps took a little longer to improve but 6 weeks down the line we are in a routine that works for the whole family and everyone is much happier for a good nights sleep.


We are grateful to Sally for helping us through a really challenging time. "

- Mummy and Daddy to Baby Girl, 6 months, Dorset  -

"After the first night of the new plan, we only encountered minor problems around the clock change, but after a few days Alfie now sleeps in beautifully. We are on a 7-7 sleep plan and most mornings we have to go in to get him up at 7:30.


I would never had imagined to be waking up before he does. Much nicer way to start the day. I can't thank you enough, again!


You are our saviour. x"

- Rachel Hergest, Mum of 2 yr old little boy, Wimborne -

"We contacted Sally when our son Harry was about 4 months old because he was waking at least four times in the night and it was getting harder and harder to get him back to sleep with nursing, rocking or cuddling. He also only napped for 30mins at a time and would only fall asleep nursing. I was going back to work so we really wanted to establish some kind of routine which the nursery could use and of course we all needed some sleep!

Our initial meeting with Sally was great. She explained the routine we should follow in great detail and answered all the questions we had. Along our sleep training journey Sally was there to answer any queries and worries and was a friendly support for us all. At no point did we feel that Harry was being neglected or left to cry to sleep which was one of our biggest worries.

Since following Sally’s sleep program Harry is a napping champion and is now sleeping through the night!

We would definitely recommend Sally to anyone who is struggling to get their little one into a healthy sleep routine and if we have another little one we will be contacting Sally again!"

- James Flynn, Daddy to Baby Harry, 4 Months, Somerset -

"Sally - I am absolutely flabbergasted, both twins put themselves to sleep within 10 minutes of going into their cots and slept ALL NIGHT until I went in to get them up at 7.15 this morning. I know you told me it would work but I didn't truly believe it - especially not by this stage or the program!!!  We are not even a week in and this is an absolute gamechanger for us!  I don't know how we will ever thank you!! x"  

- Elaine, Mummy to Boy Girl Twins, 8 months, Highcliffe, Dorset -

"After getting to a point of dreading going to bed every night, knowing our second child, who is 12months old would wake at least 3x a night on a good night or every hour on a bad one & would only settle with me breastfeeding and rocking to sleep. She would only want to be cuddled by mummy and would scream with daddy or anyone else- even during the day.


I am due to return to work soon, i felt exhausted, drained & near burn out, I needed a different way. When I found Sally’s website and saw the testimonials, I remember reading about all the little ones now sleeping through for 12hours- I thought if we could just get that for 2 or 3 nights a week it would be a miracle!

It is the BEST decision I made to get in touch with Sally, she made me feel completely at ease from our first chat. She is so approachable and understanding, it felt like a weight had lifted. The plan she gave us was explained clearly and the support through the process was brilliant.


The changes over the next few days I would never of believed possible, our little girl is sleeping 7pm-7am every night and if she does wake can now settle herself back to sleep without fuss, she goes down for a nap in her cot during the day, so no more endless pushing in the buggy!


We are able to have our evenings back & catch up with lost sleep. But the biggest surprise is the change in her emotionally, she is now a happier, more confident & content little girl, happy to be with other family members not just me. It was absolutely worth the time and investment, I only wish we reached out sooner as it’s been such a game changer for our whole family. Thank you so much Sally!!"

- Dawn, Peter, Bethany & Rosie -

"Sally is a wonderfully warm person who clearly loves her job and knows childrens' sleep patterns so well and that is hugely appreciated. Thank you for kindly providing us some free advice during our initial conversation to settle our restless 2 year old. Using your suggestions, we immediately lost the wretched dummy and the favourite music box and started seeing instant improvement going from 3-4 wake ups to 2, and eventually to sleeping through the night."



- Ksenia Woodgate, Mum of 2 yr old girl, Wimborne -

"Sally gave us back our evenings, and allowed our son to get the sleep he desperately needed. She’s worth her weight in gold!"


- M Fitzsimons, 9 month old Baby Boy, Sandbanks -

"We used Sally as our daughter (6months)was struggling to nap during the day without being rocked to sleep in her pushchair. Not only is that a thing of the past, but she is now sleeping in her own room and in her big cot-bed for 12 hours. Giving us time together again, while knowing our daughter is well rested and ready to take on the day. Thank you Sally"



- Matthew Watson, Daddy to Baby Evelyn, 6 mnths, Dorset -

"I was very nervous going in to this experience and if I’m honest unsure if it was the right thing to do. However after speaking to Sally she made me feel very comfortable, she wasn’t pushy and completely understood our situation. She was there as support through the whole process and within just a couple of weeks our little one is sleeping 11 hours straight through overnight and having two long naps a day. Thank you Sally, we really appreciate all your support and patience."  

- Lauren, Mummy to Myles, 7 months, Dorset -

"We were sceptical and a little nervous in having to seek help with our 5 month old struggling with his sleep patterns. He was clearly upset with broken night sleeps and struggling during the day


Sally transformed our situation sleeping 12 hours a night and 3 solid naps a day. Would recommend to anyone struggling it has changed our lives for the better. He's now such a happy little baby.
The Lloyds"



- Mummy and Daddy to Baby Boy, 5 months, Dorset -

"We cannot thank Sally enough for all her help in getting our daughter to sleep independently.


Our daughter is just over a year old and was solely dependent on being breastfed to sleep and sometimes would wake as soon as her head touched the cot! She would come home from nursery exhausted because she wouldn’t sleep much there. We had tried lots of ways to get her to sleep and nothing had worked. I’ll admit I was emotionally exhausted. I was grumpy, tired and hated breastfeeding and felt like I was letting our daughter down. 


Some nights she wouldn’t go to sleep until 10pm and would need breastfeeding back to sleep each time. I couldn’t go out for the evening because she was so dependent on me. She also wouldn’t be put down for naps during the day.


Within a week of working with Sally she was sleeping 12hours at night, could self settle and didn’t need us in the room at all. The first few nights/days were really tough and I’ll admit I wanted to give in but now she’s a completely different child and I’m so glad we stuck with it. Our daughter sleeps well (most days), eats amazingly and is so happy when we go to get her up.


Sally was patient, supportive and answered all our questions (some days there were loads!). She was incredibly understanding of how I felt and reassured me the whole time. She gave us a clear step by step plan which is exactly what we needed which meant we never left our daughters side until she was ready. We were also able to comfort our daughter during the plan in a consistent way.


It sounds really cheesy (and honestly I didn’t believe people like me when I read the reviews either) but getting our daughter to sleep has been a game changer. She’s happier, I’m happier and as a family we get much needed time together which is happy and relaxed. I am definitely much less stressed and anxious than I was. I’m sure we’ll have unsettled nights to come but I now feel that I can deal with them and know what to do rather than dreading every nap/bedtime.


Thank you Sally for all your support, it really has made a huge difference."

- Sarah, Mummy to Sienna, 12 months, Ferndown -


"Amazing, amazing and amazing.
We are first time parents with an 8month old baby boy, let’s say sleep didn’t exist day or night! And after two weeks of Sally’s help and plan we are getting 12 hours at night and two long naps during the day! I forgot what feeling normal felt like!
Our son is much happier when awake and so much more content!


Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
Fully recommend to parents out there! There’s no need to struggle!"


- Katie, Mummy to Baby Ace,  8 mnths, Blandford -

"Amazing life changing results!

We have 18 month old twin boys and months of sleep deprivation. My husband found Sally's details and she pretty much started with us within a couple of days! We saw tremendous results by night 5! We could not believe Sallys help had worked so well so quickly!! Boys are sleeping 7pm to 7am!! This has been truly life changing for us both, thank you Sally!!"



- Shiksha, Mummy to Identical twin boys, 18 months, Harrow -

"It has been an amazing 3 weeks!!! Why? Because every night, our beautiful daughter Ella Mae (8), has slept through the night, and self soothed herself to sleep every night! 🥰🙌🏾Thanks to the help of the most amazing sleep consultant Sally Unterberger.


Words cannot fully express how it feels (bearing in mind she has never consistently been able to do this despite mine and Neville Stimpson’s best effort). Sally gave us a clear and simple programme to follow and now we are all well rested, sleeping through the night and, most importantly happy! I can not recommend her enough.


Thank you Sally. You have literally changed our lives! ❤️❤️❤️ "

- Samantha Stimpson, Mum of Ella Mae age 8, South East London -

"We have a six year old boy and triplet three year old boys and our sleeping til the start of January was horrendous! Each boys would wake at least once in the night and join us at some point. I think the bad habits started when our eldest used to come in as it was easier just to cuddle him back to sleep. When we were blessed with triplets they just did the same?! So my husband would go to the spare room for a few hours and I would try and sleep on a slither of our bed. We both worked full time so needed sleep! 

We met Sally at breaking point really and she saved us! I didn't realise at the time how the lack of sleep was affecting the boys! 

So now... The boys ALL average 12 hours sleep a night each! We followed the plan to the letter. The boys even did as well on holiday as we stuck to the plan! The boys are much better behaved, less erratic and emotional. Our eldest school has noticed his concentration has improved and his school work is improving as a result. We've been away on holiday now and had an unwell little boy, we stuck to the plan and it got us through! 

Sally has worked a miracle with our family. Children and adults need sleep, don't get stuck in a rut as we did, follow Sally's plan you won't know yourself!"


- Siân Fudge, Mami to Triplet boys age 3 yrs and 6 yr old brother, Cymru -

"We started working with Sally when our twin boys were 4.5 months old. From day one everything improved for us. Being first time parents is scary enough but being first time parents to twins was pretty daunting. There is endless conflicting information out there and knowing what to do for the best is very tricky. Sally’s approaches make so much sense and her knowledge is second to none. Our boys are now napping in their cots three times a day which has allowed us the time to get on with all the things we didn’t get chance to do before. They go to bed at 7pm and sleep through until around 7am. Occasionally we hear small cries or murmurs but they always get themselves back to sleep quickly. 

We are so grateful to Sally for everything she has done for us. Our boys are so much happier as they are getting the sleep they need. We too are extremely happy as we are able to spend time together in the evenings and we are now getting lots of sleep which makes such a difference - happy babies equals happy mummy and daddy. 

Thank you Sally for everything, I would recommend you in a heartbeat and have told so many people how you have changed our lives. "

 - Lots of love from Mummy and Daddy to Reggie and Albie (now 6 months old) Nottingham -

"When my husband and I contacted Sally, our daughter had such a strong sleep association with breastfeeding that she would wake every 30 to 40 minutes throughout the night to feed. Consequently, I started co-sleeping and my husband could no longer share our bed. Sally helped us to help our little girl break the breastfeeding association. She now sleeps for 11 hours a night in her own cot and naps well during the day in her cot too. I have started enjoying being a mother again and we are a much happier and well rested family."

- Georgie, Mummy to Isabella age 6 months, Bournemouth -

"We would highly recommend Sally to anyone with even minor sleep issues with their child. We’ve gone from a few hours of interrupted sleep to our baby sleeping a solid 12 hours in her own room every night and napping at set times in the day. We now have our evenings back to enjoy as well as our first good nights sleep in months.. incredible.

The unexpected bonus is our daughter is much happier and predictable in the day time.
Thank you Sally!"

 - David Tennant, Dad to 6 month old baby girl, Poole, Dorset -

"We can not recommend Sally enough - hiring her to ‘fix’ Lotties sleep has been the best baby related decision we’ve made. I was hoping for one or two wake ups a night rather than every 1,5 hours. But now Lottie sleeps a solid 12 hours every night and wakes up super happy in the morning. I simply didn’t think this was possible at eight months. Sally’s approach to baby, sleep and family life is wonderful - gentle, clear, considered and easy to follow. Thank you Sally Unterberger for what you have done for us 🙏 "

- Evelyn Pöppl, Mummy to Lottie age 8 months, Wimborne -

"We contacted Sally when our 9 month old baby girl was waking at least every two hours throughout the night and needing rocking or nursing back to sleep. With Sally's detailed plan and constant support we were able to completely change our bed time and nap routine with our daughter and within a week she was sleeping throughout the night for 11 hours straight! Sally's guidance gave us the confidence to trust that our baby could self settle and did not need our constant attention or intervention. We never met Sally in person, but with video calls, phone calls and constant email support, we always felt we had the support we needed to see the sleep plan through. Life is much improved now with a 10 month old who can self settle and sleep all night long!"

 - Jess, Mummy to Rosie, 10 months, London -

"Used Sally for help with our 5/6 month old twins. Did everything she said and it worked excellently. 
Would highly recommend to anyone who needs help getting their babies to sleep
Thanks for your support and guidance Sally, it has helped us enormously "

- Gareth Bundock, Dad to Boy/Girl Twins, 5 months, Bristol -

I would highly recommend sally to anyone who has a little insomniac and needs help! Sally responded very quickly and with her advice our own sleep returned within a few days after months and months of growing stress and anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!



- Trevor Hendes, Daddy to 16 month old Baby Girl, Dorset -

"We contacted Sally after getting ourselves into a situation where it was taking around 2 hours to get our 7 month old to sleep, which involved feeding, rocking and singing...then to repeat this several times in the night. We didn’t really have any structure as he is exclusively breast fed and basically grazed over 24 hours and we let him nap as and when and wherever he fell asleep. I began to dread bedtime as I knew even if he looked fast asleep in my arms...his eyes would fling open as soon as he head touched the mattress! We couldn’t believe it that on the first night he slept for 11 hours! Now two weeks into the training and he is sleeping around 12 hours a night and having two naps in his cot during the day. I feel like a new woman, with lots more energy and the time I spend with my little boy when he’s awake is so much more fun. I no longer dread bedtime, but look forward to our fun time with bath and stories...from last feed to sleep in about 45 minutes! Sally is so professional and patient with my bombardment of questions by email. She always replied and offered great advice and reassurance. We would highly recommend Sally. Thank you so much."

- Katy Marie, Mummy to Baby Boy, 7 months, Poole -

"We have known Sally as a friend for many years. Recently we went through a period where our two year old boy was very unsettled at nighttime and it was causing us a lot of stress. Previous to this, he had been a great sleeper (he slept through from about seven months and on average would sleep from seven till seven). It was an incredibly stressful period for us, especially as we both work full time in jobs that require a lot of us. It was a 2-person job getting him to bed at night and the screaming and bedtime battles were really starting to take its toll on me and my wife. Some evenings it would take us up to 3 hours to get him to sleep so after a number of weeks of stress and tears (from all of us) we finally decided to turn to Sally for some professional help. Despite us knowing Sally already on a personal level, it did not feel awkward at all to talk to Sally as she is clearly an expert in her field and there was absolutely no judgement regarding any of our parenting choices or current situation.


She took the time to put together a very detailed and bespoke sleep program for Arthur and talk us through it all step by step as well as explaining all the science and reasoning behind it. Everything seemed to make perfect sense and was straightforward enough to understand and follow it completely. We were able to make changes almost immediately. She was also constantly on hand to answer any questions that we had, which was of great help to us. 


Sally is so caring, diligent and totally invested in the whole follow up process. It felt like she really had left no stone unturned in terms of his daytime schedule, feeding habits, his room layout and environment and also what happens at nursery when he is with different caregivers even giving us written instructions for the nursery staff looking after him. Everything was so clear and easy to follow and within just a few days we could see the massive light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t long until we got our evenings back! AND he was sleeping consistently through the night! We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for everything Sally you have been truly amazing"

 - Robert Taylor, Dad of Arthur, 2.5 yrs, Redhill, Surrey -

"Dear Sally, Thanks so much for your help with all of this. For the first time I was able to complete my twin milestone card that reads "we both slept through the night for the first time" a goal I was hoping to reach for a long time.😀 I cannot thank you enough for your help Sally I really thought it wasn't possible to train twins especially in the same room (another sleep consultant had told me that) but with your help & hand holding we did it, it's quite amazing & even more surprising which never even entered my head is how happy & full of life they both are now Siofra never stops laughing & "talking". We are one very happy family thanks to you Sally I will definitely be singing your praises to all my Mum friends especially the twin ones. You really have given us our lives back & helped us enjoy our babies even more"

- Ciara, Sam, Cillian & Siofra, Paddington -

"Thank you for helping me with support and advice to help my little girl cope better with anxiety so she can switch off at night and sleep. Your quick response to my enquiry and the support you gave has been a great help and very much appreciated."  

- Debbie Barnes, Mum of Twins, Verwood, Dorset -

"Excellent Sleep Therapist! We have had the pleasure in working with Sally to create a better night time routine that would enable our little boy (10 months old) to sleep though the night and also self-soothe. What can I say... the routine set and guidance given 100% worked and has given us a 7pm-7:30am little sleeper and a happy daytime napper! I would highly recommend working with Sally who helped us get to this stage in our family life. It was definitely worth the time and the investment. Thank you Sally! 😃"


- Michelle, Mummy to Tiago, 10 months, Dorset -

"I was initially sceptical, but Sally promised me results if I followed her clear and pragmatic approach, so I went for it, and it has been the best money I’ve spent since the twins were born! If you’re kids are having sleep troubles, trust me Sally will solve it, just go for it."

- Philip, Dad of 14 month old twins, Zurich, Switzerland -

"Great support in getting our 9 month old to sleep through the night unaided (having previously woke every 2 hours throughout the night!). Within a week of following Sally's plan we had a baby sleeping for 11 hours straight!!"


- Jessica Smith, Mum of 9 month old baby girl, South London -

“We had never imagined being in a situation within a number of weeks where our just turned 9 month old is sleeping through the night but we are there! Despite a couple of set backs on holiday we have overcome those waking nights and can all now have a good night's sleep. We can't thank Sally enough. Very professional and friendly. Held our hands throughout the whole process and always so helpful with any questions we had. I would strongly encourage anyone going through sleep deprivation with their little ones to put their trust in Sally."


- Rachel Hergest, Mum of Baby Boy, 9 months, Wimborne -

"I contacted Sally when my son Max was 4.5 months old. I was completely exhausted and after breastfeeding on demand up until this point, I was ready for some more structure in the day and more sleep at night. Sally helped us tremendously with both. There is a lot of conflicting advice on the web about sleep training and with a demanding toddler in the house as well as a newborn, I didn't have the time or energy to tackle this on my own. Sally came up with a reliable plan for Max based on our individual needs and most importantly provided support in the days and weeks following. Max's sleep quickly improved after working with Sally but when things didn't go "according to plan", I was able to talk to her about what to do and make a plan for the next day and night. Her knowledge and experience gave us confidence to be consistent with Max's sleep training until we were all sleeping well. Sally is also just a lovely person to speak to and when I was feeling exhausted, I felt in very good hands."

- Clare, Mummy to Max, 5 months, Switzerland -

"Sally offers a professional and detailed service for any parent needing sleep advice and daily routine. Her approach is kind and caring but highly informative. The initial consultation offers reassurance before you commit financially and the face-to-face video consultation is excellent, lasting 90 minutes. The follow up literature is bespoke and tailored for your child. Sally is there for support and is empathetic when things can go off schedule. Would thoroughly recommend.”


- Zoe Mather, Mummy to Sophia, 8 months, Poole -

"We contacted Sally when our 9 month old baby girl was waking at least every two hours throughout the night and needing rocking or nursing back to sleep. With Sally's detailed plan and constant support we were able to completely change our bed time and nap routine with our daughter and within a week she was sleeping throughout the night for 11 hours straight! Sally's guidance gave us the confidence to trust that our baby could self settle and did not need our constant attention or intervention. We never met Sally in person, but with video calls, phone calls and constant email support, we always felt we had the support we needed to see the sleep plan through. Life is much improved now with a 10 month old who can self settle and sleep all night long!"

- Jess, Mummy to Rosie, 10 months, London -

"Dear Sally, You have been absolutely brilliant throughout this whole experience. We couldn't have wished for better results. Even with setbacks from our holiday we have made such progress and improvements to Alfie's sleep. You have gone above and beyond our expectations. You are truly amazing and have brought out life's back to normal and for that we are truly grateful.”

- Rachel and Aaron, proud parents of Alfie, 9 months, Dorset -

“Our twin girls were a few weeks shy of their first birthday when we sleep trained them with Sally’s help. Having slept beautifully till they were 3 months old, they were waking every 1.5 hours and unable to settle by themselves. Their night time walkings were also disturbing our other two older children and our tiredness levels were out of control! Sally’s measured steps of sleep training are manageable and not distressing to implement. Our girls took to the program - first night was best night we had in months, and by night 3 they were sleeping through until 5:00 am! More sleep and predictable evenings have revolutionised our family time. Being a twin mum, and mother of four is a juggle but now knowing that they sleep - everything is becoming easier! It was great to be able to talk to Sally, herself another twin mum and hear that it can work with them sharing a room. Sally gave me confidence that they were ready and able to tune each other out. Sally is available and wonderfully flexible for any follow-up questions you might have.”

- Jess, Mum of twin girls, 11 months, Bath -

"Couldn’t recommend Sally enough.

We have one happy, healthy baby and one very happy Mum!"



- Gemma Capocci, London, Mum of baby girl 5 months -

"Following 9 months of sleep deprivation my twins are now sleeping through the night & self settling thanks to Sally she has given us our sleep back and made us one happy family. We are so grateful to Sally she's nothing short of a miracle worker & we highly recommend her I only wish we'd contacted her sooner."


- C. Trotman, London, Mummy to 9 month old Twins - 

"Sally was professional, but extremely thoughtful, understanding and above all knowledgeable. She turned my nights from up every hour going between the two kids rooms to the first full nights sleep I had had in a year in a matter of a week ( with the baby sleeping through after one night!). Thank you Sally!"

- Laura, Mummy to 9 mths and 3yr old boys, Dulwich, London -

"Sally has been invaluable in the advice and support she has offered as part of a new born sleep programme for my daughter. Her approach is practical, straight forward and guarantees excellent results. Sally has listened to the issues I have been facing and offered a comprehensive package which has shown good progress and results so far and I look forward to keeping in touch with her to update on progress. I would recommend Sally whole heartedly for anyone considering sleep advice for their babies and children."


- Natasha, Mummy to baby girl Aria, 6 weeks old -

"Dear Sally, we spoke at the end of April and you gave me some free tips on how to get our restless 2 year old to sleep and said we were SO close! Well, we lost the wretched dummy and the favourite music box that very night and started seeing instant improvement going from 3-4 wake ups to maybe 2, and now 3.5 weeks on she is finally sleeping through the night! I ❤ you! She hasn't developed an attachment to one thing but rather she demands about 5-6 certain toys and a particular blanket over them all and sleeps in the middle of a veritable zoo.... quite peacefully, and normally now settles herself back to sleep in the night if she does wake up. Thank you so much Sally we can now sleep again, I started exercising for the first time in months and life is just so much more fun all of a sudden ❤ 😁 xx"

- KK, Mum to Tess, Age 2, Dorset -

"After a spate of back-to-back illnesses, my daughter was waking every 2 hours at night, and cat napping throughout the day. I was beside myself with sleep deprivation and I couldn’t imagine her sleeping well again. However, upon speaking with Sally she immediately put me at ease and instilled confidence that this was a problem we could tackle together. I was a tricky customer with my baby and the schedules of two other children to consider, but she worked flexibly with me to teach me a set of clear strategies that I would need to follow in order to get my daughter sleeping well... and it worked! Within a week, my daughter had learnt to self-settle and within a month she was sleeping consistently throughout the night and taking longer naps in the day. My baby wakes happily in the morning and is thriving, and I couldn’t thank Sally enough for all her advice and support."

- From Gemma, Mummy to Mia, 7 months, London -

“We went to Sally for help with our 12-month old, who had got into some awful sleeping habits. He only fell asleep if rocked and cuddled. Then in the night, he was just in our bed co-sleeping and he always needed to be given milk to go back to sleep. Sally helped us to withdraw the milk completely and he’s now sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep in his cot each night without the need for milk or rocking now. It’s amazing what has been achieved in just 2 weeks. It was an incredibly hard journey as he was a very attached baby and was very reluctant to let me (Mum) leave him. But we persevered and with Sally’s support and encouragement, we’re out the other side now with a happy, sleeping baby. We make up for the lack of nighttime cuddles with lots and lots of day time cuddles instead and we know he feels settled and loved. Thank you Sally for everything you did.”

- Alanna, Mummy to Arthur 12 months, Bournemouth -

"Highly Recommended! After more than 3.5 years of sleep deprivation with my second child, I saw something on Facebook written by Sally and decided to give her a call as she was offering free 15 minute consultations. I was ready to try anything! From the moment I started speaking with her, she made me feel at ease and that I wasn’t alone. Although I wasn’t convinced that there would be anything she could do that would work - however to my utter astonishment IT WORKED! And what’s more, he started SLEEPING THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT BY DAY 2 of the plan! This is something that had NEVER happened in the past. Now, if he wakes up in the night he is able to settle himself back to sleep and no longer comes into our bed at all. The difference that him sleeping has made to the whole family is astounding - life changing in fact! Thank you Sally for helping us get our life back. I just wish I had asked for your help sooner."

- Samantha, Mummy to Arthur 4 years, Poole, Dorset -

“Exactly what we needed! We went to Sally with regards to our second child who was waking every night at 3am like clockwork aged 8 months. After a consultation over the phone, Sally provides you with a detailed sleep plan for your child that lays out a simple to follow schedule but also explains the theory behind what you're being asked to do which is very helpful. Depending on your situation, it's hard sometimes to stick to a schedule but the Baby Sleep The Night plan really helps. Our eight month old got to grips with the routine really quickly and we saw almost instant results from the plan and we're starting to get some full nights sleep! I'd recommend using Sally's service over any books out there on the market because it's tailored exactly to you and your child's situation.”

- Russell, Dad to Francis, 8 months -

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