I understand how tough it is having a tired, crying baby, I had it in duplicate! 

I've been in your shoes!

Sleep training my twins when they were younger literally changed my life.… and it has led me to a career helping other families that are struggling with no sleep. 


When I was offered the opportunity to train with Baby Sleep The Night™, I jumped at the chance.

Whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more children, I can help you get back to restful nights and good solid sleep for your whole family, every night. 


Plus, if there is something that I can resolve during our initial 15-minute FREE consultation it won't cost you a penny to improve your family's sleep.

People often ask me whether my methods involve letting the baby ‘cry it out’ so lets talk about this now:

I’m not a fan of 'cry it out' methods where you shut the door and leave your baby alone to cry for as long as it takes. I’m not saying these methods don’t work if they’re done correctly.  However, I think they are too tough on all involved.


But what about the tears?

What I will say though is that most of us like things to be the same every night.  Making big changes to anyone’s sleep environment would always be met with some kind of protest. With a child, their protest will usually involve a few tears.


I can’t promise you there will be no crying. In fact, with almost all of the families I have helped, there has been at least some.  However, I also completely understand that no one likes the idea of hearing their child cry.


I am a mum of twins and have been in your shoes myself. The Baby Sleep the Night™ methods do not rely on asking you to leave your child alone to cry for extended periods.  We will develop a planned way of getting your baby, toddler, or child to sleep that you feel comfortable with.


If you have any questions about my methods or what you should expect, please email me at sally@twinsleepexpert.co.uk or book a FREE no obligation initial chat.

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