Helpful tools and sleep aids to create a restful sleep environment for our little ones.


Recommended Sleep Clocks:


For children over the age of 2 

I recommend the use of a sleep clock as part of my sleep program.

Alternative Sleep Clocks:


If the Claessens in unavailable in your area, I have found these clocks to be a great alternative for preschoolers

Easy Blackouts:


Your child's room should be blacked out, especially during the summer months - I love these cut-to-size instant blackout blinds.

Night Lights:


Use a dim red/orange toned night light in your child's room. Avoid blue light which causes the body to suppress melatonin (the sleepy hormone).

White Noise Machines:


White noise can be helpful to reduce disturbance from siblings or external noises.  The best kind is the fuzzy tv sound played constantly throughout the duration of sleep.