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Follow-on Support Options

For Clients who have already worked with me on a 1:1 Sleep Program.

Image by Heike Mintel

At the end of your support package, or if you encounter any new sleep challenges further down the line, there are a few different support options:-

  • One off Q&A advice call: 30-min follow up or 'ask me anything' call: £60

  • Refresher call: 60-min phone/video consultation and written summary of advice to get back on track: £110

  • Refresher call and extra support: As above but with an additional 15-min follow up call and 2 advice emails while you get things back on track: £145

  • 6 days of unlimited e-mail support: Q&A written advice and support for one calendar week (excluding Sundays): £80

  • One-off email advice: E.g. for a schedule shift or nap transition: £20 (or buy a block of 5 and only pay for 4)

Additionally I offer a 20% sibling discount on any of my full 2 week support programs for returning customers.  

Please email me at if you would like me to recommend the best support option based on your little ones' current situation.